Early Bar Preparation Services
We help law schools increase an “at-risk” student’s chance of passing the bar exam by providing early bar exam preparation services to help students who have completed at least two full years of law school get a jumpstart on bar exam preparation.  Our eight-week early bar exam preparation course teaches students how to learn and develop the deeper level of thinking required for bar passage through workshops that integrate doctrine and skills.  Students enrolled in this course will be automatically enrolled in one of our writing clinics so they can learn and develop the writing skills needed to earn high scoring essays on the bar exam and improve their legal writing.  In this course, students will (1) develop critical thinking, reasoning and active learning skills; (2) strengthen issue spotting, analytical reasoning and writing skills; (3) develop a strategic approach to writing essays and answering MBE styled multiple-choice questions; and (4) start the process of mastering substantive law tested on the bar exam.
Mindset & The Bar Exam

An interactive workshop series to: (1) help students develop and maintain a growth mindset with respect to learning; (2) teach students how to learn; (3) provide learning strategies and techniques students can begin to apply while in law school to help bridge the gap between law school and bar exam preparation; (4) teach students the time management skills essential for bar passage including organization, prioritization, goal setting, planning and stress management; and (5) teach students the strategies for writing high scoring essays on the bar exam.  At the conclusion of the workshop series, it is our expectation that students will appreciate the value of active and independent learning, and understand that bar passage is the result of intelligence (the ability to acquire and apply knowledge) plus “effort”.

Supplemental Bar Preparation Services

We provide individualized, comprehensive and supplemental bar exam preparation services to law schools to help their graduates prepare to pass the bar exam.  These services include: (1) customized study plans; (2) weekly one-on-one and small group tutoring; (3) writing clinics; (4) essay grading and written feedback; (5) weekly assessments to help identify and strengthen potential weaknesses; (6) recorded substantive lectures to increase students’ understanding of bar tested subjects; and (7) support and guidance throughout the bar exam preparation period.  We specialize in helping law students overcome psychological, environmental and programmatic barriers to learning so they can fully develop their intellectual potential and prepare to pass the bar exam.  We are committed to creating a supportive and personalized learning environment to help students thrive academically.  Integrated into our services is an accountability system to help students measure individual progress and improve where necessary.  

Essay Writing Boot Camp

This course is specifically designed to help students improve their essay writing skills while building the confidence needed to perform well on the essay portion of the bar exam.   This course will equip students with the skills needed to outline and write clear, concise essays by teaching them how to (1) identify and articulate legal issues in dispute and (2) apply applicable facts to legally relevant rules of law and rule explanations to reach logical conclusions.  Students enrolled in this course will participate in a two-hour writing workshop, write and receive constructive and personalized feedback on two essays, and attend two private tutoring sessions to help them improve their analytical and writing skills.  Two weeks before the bar exam, students will meet every weekday morning to write "timed" essays to help them prepare mentally and physically for the essay portion of the bar exam. One week before the bar exam, students will participate in a simulated Florida or Uniform exam.

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