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Agape Christian Bar Prep helps students prepare for success on the bar exam and law school exams through personalized services that offer a holistic approach to exam preparation.  Our tutoring programs are uniquely designed to meet the individual spiritual, mental, emotional and academic needs of students while simultaneously empowering them to conquer the bar exam and achieve their dreams of becoming attorneys. 
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Agape Christian Bar Prep offers many services to help students prepare for success in law school and on the bar exam.  Our services are customized to clearly identify and meet the individual needs of law graduates and law students.
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  • Florida Bar Exam
  • Uniform Bar Exam
  • Multistate Bar Exam
  • Writing Courses
  • Consultations
  • Law School Exam Prep
  • Early Bar Exam Prep
  • Tutoring Services

Student Testimonials


My experience with Agape Christian Bar Prep exceeded my expectations. I received one-on-one tutoring sessions and a study schedule that was created specifically for me. There was always someone available to coach, teach and mentor me throughout this process.

Sidrena Ruth


Agape is the reason I passed the bar exam. Not only did the Agape family provide amazing resources and strategies that equipped me with the knowledge to conquer the bar exam, but Agape also provided me with the confidence by incorporating additional exercises and sessions that prepared mentally, spiritually and physically. The Agape family not only made me a better bar taker- they made me a better Attorney.

Justin bell


Agape has truly been a blessing to me! I learned so much from my tutors. The one-on-one sessions that I had with my tutor not only helped me with the bar exam but with my spiritual growth as well. I am so happy that I was a part of the group for the February 2022 bar exam. Now I can say that I am one and done!

Ashley Palmer


Beyond Grateful for the Agape Christian Bar Preparation Program, the Agape Christian Bar Preparation Staff, and the Agape Christian Bar Preparation Support Family!! This Review alone is not enough to express my gratitude!! Not only was I able to receive the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve passing results on my bar exam, but most importantly I was able to reclaim my relationship with GOD!!

Tiffany Young

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