Essay Boot Camp
Recognizing the distinct needs of first-time bar exam takers, this course is crafted to lay a strong foundation for initial success on the essay portion of the bar exam. Our primary goal is to instill confidence and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the bar exam's essay component. As first-time takers, students will learn to: (1) swiftly identify and articulate legal issues presented in the question prompt and (2) adeptly apply facts to legal principles, leading to sound conclusions. The course includes:

(1) Three-Hour Writing Crash Course: A hands-on writing course designed to bolster students' confidence and proficiency in writing. The curriculum is tailored to enhance the writing skills essential for the written segment of the bar exam.  
(2) Seven Graded Essays: By consistently practicing essay writing and receiving constructive feedback, first-time takers establish a strong foundation for understanding the intricacies of the exam.
(3) Two Private Tutoring Sessions (1 hour each): Specifically designed to refine analytical and writing skills, helping students overcome past hurdles.
(4) Weekly Timed Writing Assessments: With live instructor reviews, these sessions train students to think and write coherently under time pressure.
(5) Morning Writing Sessions: During the two weeks leading up to the bar exam, students will immerse themselves in timed essays for seven weekday mornings, each followed by a live review with an instructor. Perfect for honing the skills needed for the big day.

"Essay Boot Camp" is the definitive guide for those looking to tackle the bar exam essays confidently on their first attempt.
Bar Prep 101
A 10-week tutoring course designed exclusively for first-time bar exam takers. While our program serves as an essential supplemental aid, it's necessary for students to be concurrently enrolled in a general bar review course. Our offering specifically targets and addresses areas that traditional courses might overlook, ensuring comprehensive preparation including

(1) Individualized Tutoring (5 hours): Focuses on identifying and addressing students' specific deficiencies. Personalized feedback is provided to foster growth in performance.
(2) Small Group Tutoring (20 sessions): Targeting specific areas within broader bar-tested subjects, this helps students fill gaps in knowledge. For instance, students delve into topics like "Individual Rights" within Federal Constitutional Law and "Jurisdiction & Venue" in Federal Civil Procedure.    
(3) Writing Crash Course (3 hours): A hands-on writing course designed to bolster students' confidence and proficiency in writing. The curriculum is tailored to enhance the writing skills essential for the written segment of the bar exam.  
(4) Timed Writing Assessments: Accompanied by live instructor reviews, these sessions train students to organize thoughts and write efficiently under time constraints.
(5) Graded Writing Assessments: Students receive feedback to boost their confidence and improve as exam writers.
(6) Weekly IREAC Exercises: These exercises hone the ability to pinpoint specific issues in MBE-style questions and refine writing skills.  
(7) Rule Drilling Sessions: Assess students' knowledge and understanding of the most tested rules in key bar-exam subjects.
(8) Morning Writing Sessions: During the two weeks leading up to the bar exam, students will immerse themselves in timed essays for seven weekday mornings, each followed by a live review with an instructor. Perfect for honing the skills needed for the big day.
(9) MBE Strategies: Tailored for those preparing for the MBE portion of the bar exam, will help students develop two main skills for success on the MBE: (1) identifying the specific legal issues in MBE-style questions, and (2) effectively applying relevant facts to the appropriate laws to find the correct answers.
(10) Access to Lectures: Focuses on topics that are critical for mastery, especially for first-time test-takers.
MPT Writing Clinic

Focused on enhancing performance on the MPT section of the Uniform Bar Exam, this interactive writing course equips students with the following essential skills:
(1) Factual Material Sorting: Learn to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant facts effectively.
(2) Relevant Application: Apply the appropriate law to pertinent facts, targeting client problem resolution.
(3) Legal Material Analysis: Decipher statutory, case, and administrative materials to determine the relevant legal principles.
(4) Effective Communication: Cultivate the art of communicating persuasively in writing.
(5) Time Management: Master the ability to complete lawyering tasks within stringent time constraints.

Course offerings include:

(1) One-Day Interactive Writing Clinic: Engage deeply with the writing process and learn through interactive exercises.
(2) Three Graded MPTs: Students will craft responses and receive detailed written feedback, addressing areas for improvement.
(3) Two Private Tutoring Sessions (1 hour each): Specifically designed to hone analytical and writing skills, ensuring every student achieves their best performance potential.

Enroll in the "MPT Writing Clinic" to gain a competitive edge in tackling the MPT segment of the bar exam.


Small Group Tutoring

Our 90-minute specialized small group tutoring sessions offer a deep dive into specific legal topics, from Mortgages and Personal Jurisdiction to the First Amendment. In these sessions, students gain a detailed understanding of select law areas, learn exam strategies, and immediately apply their knowledge through practice questions. Students purchasing our Small Group Tutoring package receive 15 small group sessions and the opportunity to participate in our specialized rule drilling sessions which are meticulously designed to evaluate students' mastery of the most frequently tested rules in key bar-exam subjects. Here's what you can expect from our small group sessions:

(1) Enhanced Knowledge: Our instructors impart a detailed understanding of selected areas of the law ensuring students grasp complex concepts.
(2) Exam-taking Strategies: Beyond just understanding the law, instructors teach students how to excel in exam scenarios.
(3) Practical Application: After learning, students immediately apply their knowledge. Instructors guide them through practice questions, ensuring they can effectively apply their newfound knowledge.
(4) Topic Focus: Each session hones in on specific areas within a broader legal framework, such as "Individual Rights" under "Federal Constitutional Law" or "Motions" in "Federal Civil Procedure".
(5) Customized Sessions: Upon enrollment, students choose the topic(s) they wish to explore, ensuring their unique needs are met.
(6) Limited Group Size: With a maximum of seven students per session, we maintain an intimate learning environment conducive to interactive discussions and personalized attention.

Enrich your bar prep journey with "Small Group Tutoring" – where comprehensive learning meets personalized instruction.
Private Tutoring

Step into an immersive learning environment with our private tutoring sessions, where tutors take a hands-on approach tailored to bar exam preparation. Our individualized sessions are meticulously crafted to:

(1) Actively Engage: Our tutors don't just instruct; they actively engage with students, guiding them every step of the way.
(2) Empower with Proven Strategies: Together, we dive into crucial learning techniques, study habits, and exam-taking methodologies to maximize your performance.
(3) Identify & Address Weaknesses: Tutors work closely with students to identify specific areas that need improvement in their learning process.
(4) Bridge Knowledge Gaps: Through active dialogue and hands-on exercises, we ensure no area of substantive knowledge is left unclear or misunderstood.
(5) Hone Writing Skills: Our tutors actively assist in elevating your exam essay writing capabilities, enabling you to articulate complex legal concepts with clarity and precision.
(6) Practice & Feedback Option: For those wanting hands-on practice, students can write and submit practice bar exam essays. Our feedback is both constructive and personalized, helping you refine and perfect your analytical and writing skills.

Choose "Private Tutoring" for a dynamic, hands-on journey toward bar exam success.

$295.00 per hour
$1,250.00 for five HOURS
MBE Boot Camp

This course is specifically designed to target the MBE segment of the bar exam. Its primary aim is to equip students with the vital skills essential for success on the MBE. This course focuses on three main skills: (1) issue identification, which empowers students to pinpoint the exact legal issue being evaluated in MBE-style multiple-choice questions; and (2) effectively applying pertinent facts with the appropriate rules of law; and (3) logical deductions that enable the selection of the correct answers.

As part of the course offering, students will participate in seven 90-minute workshops. During each session, they will tackle timed MBE-style multiple-choice questions, which are then immediately reviewed in a live session with an instructor. Additionally, the course offers techniques for analyzing MBE questions and covers the key rules frequently tested in each subject area.


Essay Writing Crash Course

This writing course is designed to help students develop and strengthen the analytical and writing skills necessary to succeed on the bar exam and as attorneys. This course will equip students with the skills needed to outline and write clear and concise essays. Students will be taught how to (1) identify and articulate legal issues in dispute and (2) apply relevant facts to applicable rules of law to reach logical conclusions.  Students enrolled in this course will participate in a three-hour, interactive writing workshop, write and receive constructive and personalized feedback on three essays, and attend two one-hour private tutoring sessions to help improve their analytical and writing skills.
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